The Elements of a Good Ad

The Elements of a Good Ad

As you look through your newspaper, do you ever stop and read some of the ads? When you watch TV, are there some commercials that actually interest you? When your daily junk mail comes in, do you throw it all away or do you keep some to read?

As consumers, we are literally bombarded everyday by advertising. It arrives at the doorstep of our lives in just about every imaginable form — telemarketing, TV and radio commercials, sales letters/postcards, newspaper ads, the Internet, billboards, door hangers, refrigerator magnets, calendars, coupon books — ad infinitum.

MOST of it is ignored. But occasionally, we actually respond to an advertisement. Why? What makes that one advertisement stand out among all the gazillions that we are exposed to everyday?

Because it …

  • Offers something that affects us personally.
  • Immediately shows us the benefits we’ll receive.
  • Helps us to recognize the importance of those benefits.
  • Emphasizes the urgency of purchasing right away.
  • Provides assurance that we won’t be ripped off.

Now … what happens if any of these elements are missing? Simple. The ad is ignored.

If you want your ad to stand out from the crowd, make sure that you (1) direct it to your target audience, (2) clearly show the advantages (benefits) of owning/using your product or service, (3) encourage a quick response by offering limited time bonuses, and (4) always offer a guarantee.

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