Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Objections

One of the more difficult parts of writing a marketing message is overcoming objections.

When you’re speaking face-to-face, you’re able to hear prospective customers verbalize their concerns and immediately answer them. But when you’re writing sales letters, website copy, direct mail, ad copy, etc., you can’t ‘hear’ the objections so you must ‘think’ for your prospects and imagine what might stand between them and the sale.

Here are a few common objections that could arise as people read your copy and how you might consider dealing with them:

  • “I don’t need/want your product/service” – Oftentimes what this really means is that people don’t see the value of your product or service so they don’t want to spend the money. To overcome this, you must assure them that their life will improve when they buy your product or use your service. How do you do this? By talking about benefits.
  • “I’m not interested” — If the person has come to your website as a result of a search engine or if you are sending your direct mail letter to a targeted audience, you can be fairly confident that they have at least a spark of interest. But if you don’t write your message to further that interest, you’ve lost the sale. This usually means you must address the specific areas in which your product or service will add something to the person’s life (benefits again).
  • “I’m satisfied with my current _________.” — It’s been said that no one is ever entirely satisfied with anything. Assuming this is a truth, you can speak to any dissatisfactions by (1) emphasizing the advantages that your product or service has over your competitors, (2) use testimonials to show how your product/service is different/better than the rest, and/or (3) offer samples to demonstrate your superiority.
  • “What if something happens and I don’t like your product/service?” — This one is easy. Always offer some type of guarantee.

People rarely reach for their credit card unless they’ve been convinced that your product or service is something they want or need. To get them to this point, it’s vital that you see your offering through the eyes of your prospects. Write down the reasons people might not buy from you. Then methodically go through the list and counter each one by writing down the advantages (benefits) they’ll receive when they purchase what you’re selling.

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