How to Copywrite for More Sales

How to Copywrite for More Sales

If your visitor count and your website sales have remained stagnant for several months, it may very well have something to do with the copywriting.

The message you have on your website is one of the most important elements in determining your success on the internet. You may have a great design, excellent graphics, a convenient and safe ordering system, but if you haven’t given your visitors a reason to buy, your sales are going to suffer.

However, you can’t just sit down and write a promotional message about your product or service without knowing how it will affect your intended audience. There must be a strategy behind every word and phrase.

Beyond that, you need to write with the search engines in mind. This means using the appropriate key words and phrases throughout your copy. Not ‘stuffing’ the content, but writing so that visitors, as well as the search engines, ‘get the message.’ It can be a tricky balance, but it is possible.

There are numerous resources on the internet that offer advice and suggestions on how to copywrite effectively. Most of them simply contain the most basic principles of copywriting. Few of them address such important issues as:

  • How to get each of the four personality types to respond to your message
  • How to determine the difference between how men and women buy  – and then using that information to your advantage
  • How to use emotional triggers in your copy to stimulate the buying process
  • Where (and how often) to use key words and phrases in your copy to get the best search engine ranking

And hardly any of them provide you with realtime examples and actionable advice.

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